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David Croft

Author of Food For Thought

A combination of life, karate, cooking and disability

3d book


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Hospitality Action and Regain will each receive £1 from the sale of each book.

'The following companies and organisations have all supported recipe pages to help the charities:

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Active Assistance

Active Hands

Aubrey Allen

British Karate Federation

Champagne Pol Roger

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Collins King & Associates

Control Induction

Design Matters KBB Limited

doblequalityfoods elior-uk logo huttonhire

Doble Quality Foods

Elior UK

Elliott Marketing & PR

Hutton Hire

IndiCaterLogo 1 macace logo

IndiCater Limited

Kavis Ltd


logo-premier-foods Professional_Fitness(3) Rational-hi-res-2-300x74 rhug

Premier Foods

Professional Fitness & Education

Rational UK Ltd

Rhug Organic

shclogo staustell tainte

Spinal Homecare Ltd

St Austell Brewery Co Ltd

Tante Marie School of Cookery



tibard unilever wink

Tibard Ltd

Unilever Food Solutions

Vigilance Resources Ltd

Winckworth Sherwood