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A combination of life, karate, cooking and disability

Author of Food For Thought




  1. Originally from the '' You knew you grew up in Newquay if you remember'' website. I posted this further down the page under a photo from our wonderful Saturday night of a young lady with David Crofts book. I have David's book. I know he won't blow his own trumpet so I will. Not only do you get fabulous recipes from the worlds top chefs but the most interesting and heart rending is what this bloke has gone through. He has never moaned about his situation once and very rarely mentioned the negative side of his life, even then it would be with a sense of humour and ''poor me'' does not exist in his vocabulary. Although I have known David nearly all of my life it wasn't until I bought his book that I realised there was a few years of his life that I knew nothing about as, I am ashamed to say,I had not made the effort to go and see him at Stoke Mandeville So, forget 50 shades of crap or some vacuous 21 year old celebrities life story and for the price of a few pints buy David's story. He's local and, typical of the man, the proceeds are going to charity. www.davidcroft.info

    (Posted on 2013-01-29 16:23:00 by Ian Topper)
  2. Been reading David Croft’s Food for Thought. Who would have thought that yet another charity compilation of celebrity chef recipes could be anything but dull? In fact David Crofts book is fascinating. The good looking, young, world-at-his-feet Karate champion and pastry chef was about to take part in the 1980 world games when he dived from a rock into too-shallow water and broke his neck, ending up paralysed from the neck down.

    David is still good looking and still a cook at heart. He’s twisted the arms of a galaxy of chefs (Gordon Ramsay, Chris Galvin, Paul Ainsworth, James Martin, et al) for recipes to go with his straight forward and moving story of his life. It all in a good cause, or rather two good causes: Hospitality Action which helps people in the trade with all sorts of problems, including addiction, and Regain which improves the lives of tetraplegics. Buy one!

    (Posted on 2012-09-21 17:23:00 by Prue Leith)
  3. I bought this book for a friend who was recently paralysed and whose wife and family love cooking. This book was therefore not only a great read but also some of the recipes by the top chefs are superb. The life story part is very inspiring and the other people's lives in the Dinner Party section despite being severely disabled are awe-inspiring. It was also good to know that the book was raising funds for two charities as well trying to make things easier for disabled people in the future. All in all this would make a great book for anyone.

    (Posted on 2012-05-07 13:31:00 by John)
  4. My partner & I have really enjoyed reading your book - the history, humour & your joy for life. Despite being paralysed this has not stopped you from achieving so much for both yourself and others with similar health problems. You are a credit to us all & I am so pleased to know you David! I hope there are many more W.H.Smith moments in the future, your laughter is contagious.

    (Posted on 2012-05-06 14:07:00 by Lorraine)
  5. This book certainly makes you count your blessings and think there by the grace of God go I. David's story is inspirational and his ability to keep smiling and raising money for charity is amazing. From reading the book you see a young man who has strived against giving up on life after breaking his neck to become a strong man with self-determination to help others and to also raise money for charity. His love of food is evident and the recipes contributed by world renowned chefs are mouth watering. You can choose from dinner party fayre, wholesome mains and mouth watering puddings. If you are disabled or know someone who is disabled this book will inspire you to always believe in yourself and achieve the things that others thought you would not achieve.

    (Posted on 2012-05-04 18:25:00 by Anne)
  6. This book is totally unique!
    David Croft's story is really interesting and truly inspiring but also told with honesty and great humour!!
    The recipes are a fantastic range of meals and courses.
    Would also make an ideal gift.

    (Posted on 2011-12-16 19:30:00 by Dominic)
  7. The title of this book couldn’t be more appropriate. It makes one aware of the everyday things that most of us take for granted. An insight into what can be achieved when you have courage and determination no matter what life throws at you. Written with humour it just goes to show that always looking on the bright side of life can make the darkest days seem better. A must read and a recipe book as an added bonus.

    (Posted on 2011-12-01 13:42:00 by Jennie)
  8. I bought this book thinking I would not receive it until the publication date! However, I was over the moon when the book arrived three days after placing my order. The book is superb and the mix of life story and cookbook would make it an ideal Christmas present for someone! Some of the people featured in the book by the author along with the author himself make you think 'There by the grace of God go I' As such I'm now going to buy another book for a friend!

    (Posted on 2011-11-10 14:58:00 by John)
  9. This is a wicked good read across the pond! David's narrative describes his life story with a unique combination of valor and humor. The loving support of family, friends and colleagues has international appeal in an easy read that draws one into his story. I am privelidged to know David and so glad that readers everywhere may now know this incredibe man. The recipes are beautifully illustrated and offer a variety of tastes to tempt even a casual kitchen cook. Buy this book now and wow everyone you know with a special dinner party to celebrate life. Very well done David!

    (Posted on 2011-09-07 23:56:00 by Barbara)
  10. I must have read this book at least 10 times, as I am David's sister! It is an amazing story of strength, courage, tenacity and inspiration and I am extremely proud of him. The writing of the book, being a tetraplegic, has taken David years and I greatly admire him for this. The inspiration for the book has come from occasions when he has eaten out with many others and myself. Very few restaurants and hotels consider disability issues and when David is presented with chicken on the bone or rack of lamb it is impossible for him to cut and eat! He always has to ask someone on the table to cut his food up. A bit demoralising as you can imagine. Because of this David has been on a mission to approach many leading chefs for recipes that are suitable for people with limited dexterity - although a few submitted odd dishes like Mussels in their shells!!! The response has been amazing and David has finally been able to complete his book. The combination of David's life story, humour and fab recipes makes this book a very valuable one for your bookshelf. Enjoy the read and scrummy food.

    (Posted on 2011-09-03 12:44:00 by Christine)

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